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Gold Coast Computer Repairs

Does your computer need fixing? We offer on-site computer hardware and software related repairs around the Gold Coast.

If your computer needs fixing on the Gold Coast, we do it.

Here at Beachside Handyman Services, we are not only handy on the tools, but we also hold certified qualifications and have a long history of computer repair services, helping hundreds of clients on the Gold Coast. Whether your computer is running slow due to software issues or you're experiencing hardware errors, we are there to help get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Ready to fix your computer?

    Computer repairs we do

    From start to finish, we can help you transform that tired old paintwork in your home or office into a stylish masterpiece using the right colours and choice of paint for the surface.

    Computer Servicing

    Servicing your hardware and peripherals will ensure they keep running smoothly.

    • Optimise slow computers
    • Check cooling fans
    • Cooling dust removal
    • Perform driver and windows updates
    • Remove unnecessary software

    Hardware Faults

    We can identify and replace faulty hardware from your motherboard to HDD.

    • PC won't turn on
    • Blue screens and random reboots
    • Weird noises or beeping noises
    • Devices not working like they should
    • Unnecessary crashes

    Internet & Wifi

    From setting up your internet to networking configuration and placement, we can help.

    • Fix slow networks
    • Configure routers and devices
    • Broadband connection setup
    • Network security setup
    • Facebook business page setup

    Virus & Security

    Stop friends complaining about those spam emails you didn't know you were sending.

    • Virus & Spyware removal
    • Weird popup’s appearing on screen 
    • Remove browser marketing toolbars
    • Website redirections
    • Blue screen crashes


    You don't need to be an email expert, you just need to be able to send/receive them. 

    • POP3 & IMAP email setup
    • Email password resets
    • Setup email across mobile devices
    • Configuration of multiple accounts
    • Learn email software programs

    Software Installation

    Don't get bored installing and configuring software programs, let us do it for you. 

    • Install software programs
    • Setup and configuration
    • Update/Reinstall Windows OS
    • Trasnfer data between devices
    • Remove old crashing software

    Frequently Asked Computer Questions

    We sure can. If your hard drive is no longer be recognised then it's highly likely that it has suddenly decided to die. The best solution is to replace your old hard drive with a new one and reinstal your operating system.

    We can recover any important files you may have had on your old hard drive.

    Yes, we can identify any faulty hardware and organise a replacement for you. Get in touch with us and we'll arrange a time to repair your computer.

    Yes, whether it's an issue with your power supply, motherboard, or a software issue, we can come out on-site and diagnose the problem and get it working again for you.

    Yes, we can problem solve what is causing your computer to run slowly and fix any OS related issues like unnecessary programs starting up or viruses, through to any faulty hardware that may be the culprit.

    One of the best ways to speed up your computer is to upgrade or install additional RAM (memory). Depending on how old your system is, this is definitely a good place to start. Get in touch and we can help speed things up.

    Sure can. We have years of experience with most CMS's so whether you need some coding done, site maintenance, optimisation, or a new website built, we can help you.

    1. Don't. You might hit the little old lady walking past.
    2. Get coffee, double strength. Very important.
    3. Write down any info you have about your problem. Computer model number, router model, or any info about the software that's you think is the culprit etc.
    4. Contact Us ASAP or give us a call on 0422 49 49 49

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