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Reliable, trusted, and professional Gold Coast handyman.

We provide a variety of local handyman services on the Gold Coast. From fixing your fence gate, hanging picture frames, assembling your flat-pack furniture to repairing your computer. No job is too small or too big. We provide one-off handyman services or on-going maintenance needs around your Gold Coast property.

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Gold Coast handyman repairs

General Repairs

From minor carpentry work like fixing your deck or a sticky door to replacing a broken tile, we can fix almost anything. 

We can carry out maintenance jobs around your Gold Coast property, from cleaning your gutters to changing a light globe

Home Maintenance

We can carry out regular maintenance jobs around your property, from cleaning your gutters to servicing your smoke alarm.

landscaping, pruning, building planter boxes, high-pressure cleaning, and clean-ups, we can do just about anything

Gardening & Maintenance

From landscaping, pruning, building planter boxes, high-pressure cleaning, and clean-ups, we can do just about anything.

We can paint the interior or exterior of your house or office, or just a wall or door


Whether it's a full room, a fence, or a single wall that needs painting, we can paint just about anything around your home or office.

Handyman assembling IKEA flatpacks, tables, chairs, BBQs, office desks, outdoor furniture

Furniture Assembly

IKEA flatpacks, tables, chairs, BBQs, office desks, and outdoor furniture. If it needs assembling, we can get it done. 

Gold Coast Handyman painting full room, your fence, or simply a wall or touch-up job, we can prep and paint just about anything you need


Small timber feature fencing, timber gates, maintenance and repairs, latches and locks installation.

To-do List

No matter how big or small your list is, we strive to help your get those jobs done around your home.

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computer repairs, servicing, hardware faults, viruses, slow wifi internet

Computer Repairs

Servicing, hardware faults, viruses, slow wifi. We can repair your computer and have it back up and running smoothly again. 

Small handyman job? No problem...

Picture Hanging

We can accurately measure and hang your picture or mirror on your wall to ensure proper alignment and a great finish.

Gutter Cleaning

We can clean out your gutters, or install downpipe strainers to reduce the buildup of leaves around your home.

Plastering & Patching

We can patch and plaster holes and dents in your walls and even paint the repaired area for you.

Doors & Windows

We can trim down your door, replace hinges or fix your window to get it operating as it should.

Fixtures & Fittings

Curtains, rods, towel racks, wardrobes,  shelving and loads more. if it needs fitting or fixing, we can do it.

Caulking & Gap Filling

From re-sealing wet areas to hiding gaps around architraves, skirting or cabinets, we make sure it looks good and stays good. 


We can install and cement or wall mount your new clothesline and supply the necessary fixings.

Smoke Detectors

From battery replacement to cleaning and testing, we can make sure your smoke alarm is working like it should.

Screens & Mesh

Whether your need a new privacy screen or your fly mesh needs replacing, get it contact and we'll get it sorted for you.

Plant Boxes

Whether you want a plant box at your front door for curb appeal or just for fresh herbs, we build one that suits your taste.

Tile Replacement

If you have a broken or cracked tile in your bathroom or kitchen, we can easily replace it with a new one.

We fit install tv wall bracket mounting

TV Wall Mounting

We can mount your tv on to any wall around your home or office.